Afterschool Tutoring

Afterschool Tutoring in the Inclusive Environment
Benefits I Rewards


Our aim is to help children with challenges in grades 4 and 5 with understanding the importance of learning and acquiring good study skills. We will help all students experience the fun in learning and the need for practice - hence the need for homework. These children will be given guidance in order to experience success while completing and understanding homework assignments. They will then feel encouraged and prepaied for the following day's challenges.

Attainment of Objective

Classes are held in the Care on the Corner facility. Students we divided between grade levels with one teacherf assistant per two to three students, allowing for one-on-one teaching and attention. Children are given supplemental assignments (including educational games) targeting their "problem" spots.

Evaluation of Program

Students are asked to recap to the teacher I assistant what they learned when the assignments are completed. Notes are sent home to the parents advising what was done and where problems lie. We follow up with parents, asking about improvement in grades and study habits. At the end of each 10 - 12 week session, a survey is given to each parent for them to rate the program.

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